Being good just got eASIER.


introducing good booking.

Good Hotel has proudly partnered with to provide a super easy way to help make the world a better place – and it doesn’t cost you a penny, just one simple click.

Good Hotel is a profit for non-profit business and giving back to the community is at the core of every single thing we do. So when you choose to stay with us, you also help us to continue changing lives for the better. By booking direct with us, £5 per night will be donated to our charity partners. Please book direct to our hotels in London and Antigua to ensure we can make this happen.

Now, when you choose to stay anywhere, with our very own link, you could help give a job to someone in need, or provide a child with the opportunity to have a good education.

It all starts with this magic link:

So what are you waiting for?


So each and every time you book your next adventure, simply use our link and the rest is easy - best rates are guaranteed and it works exactly like the normal site. Except for when you pay your bill… will make a charitable donation on your behalf. Just check you're in the right place by noticing the Good Hotel logo in the centre of the screen. 

You click. You donates.

No catch, it’s that simple.



We couldn’t be more excited about giving us this new platform for us to continue our work, and spread the GOOD vibes even further, but now we need you to save this link, tell your family and friends that this is happening, and let the world know that this is good.

Stop by the hotel and ask for a Good card to put in your wallet in case you ever forget.

Thank you